Synclio‘s archiving feature helps you to keep a record of old data without cluttering up your account.

Archived Messages appear on both the History  and Voicemail tabs. Archiving and retrieving archived messages is the same for both tabs:

Archiving Messages:

1. Log in to your Synclio account and go to History or Voicemail.








2. All your messages will be listed. Click on the message you want to archive.


3. In the body of each message, there will be an ‘Archive‘ button at the bottom. Click on this button.


4. The message is now archived.

Retrieving Archived Messages:

1. Log in to your Synclio account and go to History or Voicemail.








2. All your history and voicemail messages will be displayed on the screen. At the top of the message list, you’ll see a drop-down menu called Inbox Messages. Click the menu.


3. You’ll see various filter options.

4. Choose Archived Messages.


5. Only archived messages will be displayed.


Archived messages can be unarchived at any time. So, you have the option of removing it from the archives when you no longer require the messages. The  unarchived messages goes back to the inbox. No message gets deleted till you specifically command to delete them.

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