Call rules form the basis the Synclio business phone system. A call rule is a time parameter with corresponding actions for handling calls received during that period.  A call rule generally requires you to configure the following:

  • Name of the call rule. Assigning a name to your call rule ensures easy identification in the future.
  • The time period of the call rule. Organize call rules based on your business’s needs and requirements. Determine how many call rules will suit your business and configure the time duration of when such rules can be used to attain maximum benefit. As a simple example, one call rule might apply to your normal business hours.
  • The main call action. The main call action is the first action to be implemented when a call comes in during the specified time. For example, if the main call action is Dial Team Member, calls get routed to the number of the specified member whenever the call rule is in effect.
  • The follow-up call action. The follow-up call action is the action activated if the main call action cannot be implemented successfully. For example, if the main call action is Dial Team Member, but the member didn’t pick up the call after a specified number of rings, a follow-up call action is implemented to send the call to a different team member or to voicemail.

Synclio allows you to configure any number of call rules, but make sure you don’t fall prey to Call Rule Conflict.


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