Deleting Media Files from the Library

    Your chosen media file is the voice of your business to your customers. Your unseen callers will be greeted by the preferential media repository that warrants them to fabricate inclinations towards your business. So, it is crucial to choose this element carefully. The Synclio media library proposes some useful options to effectively manage this important business substance.

    With Synclio’s media library, apart from adding or modifying media files, you can also remove [...]

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    Adding Media Files and Greetings to Your Library

    Synclio offers variety of customization features keeping our customer’s personal requisites in addition to the inbound and outbound calls. Similar to our other useful features,  “Media and Greetings” is another feather to the cap. It is actually a message recording component of Synclio. You can pre-record a message and let the customers hear it when they call your number, like a brief showcase of your company’s attributes. These [...]

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    Uploading Audio to Synclio from Your Computer

    Synclio‘s media library provides significant personalisation features. Users could add audio files in mp3 or wav  format to the library and can use these files according to their requisites. You can also use custom made audio files to represent your company or business to your callers. You could also add specific music files to entertain your caller while you are answering your call.

    Media files can be added through couple of [...]

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    Uploading Audio to Synclio from Your Phone

    Media library in Synclio is added keeping in mind the user’s prospective media imperatives. We allow our users’ to enjoy complete liberty over audio customizations. This works as a mean to directly reach to your prospective or existing customers attempting to reach you. We work in setting up the standard and heightening your brand image and efficient service as far as business call is concerned. Synclio’s [...]

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