Synclio is a cloud-based business phone system, which means you don’t need any hardware or cables to get it up and running. You choose a local, toll free or international business phone number and start handing it out to customers. You no longer have to worry about missing calls. You can route your calls to your team members, to voicemail or to our live receptionists.

You can also use Synclio on your mobile phone. Just download our Android or iPhone app and go through the setup flow. You will be able to make outbound calls using your business number, send and receive text messages, and route calls to voicemail or our live receptionists in real time.

Synclio is a second phone line that becomes your permanent business number. Your Synclio number stays the same even if you change your carrier number and location. To start, get the desktop and/or mobile apps and choose your business plan. Select your country, choose a number, and you’re all set to start making and managing calls. With Synclio, you’ll never miss another connection.


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